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DPS (Bleed only) 303mm x 426mm Full Colour £995
Full Page 276mm x 188mm / (Bleed) 303mm x 216mm Full Colour £795
Half Page
(Upright option)
131mm x 188mm / (Bleed) 154mm x 216mm
276mm x 92mm / (Bleed) 303mm x 106mm
Full Colour
Quarter Page
(Landscape option)
131mm x 92mm
63mm x 188mm
Full Colour
Eighth Page 63mm x 92mm Full Colour
Opening DPS
(Inside Front & Page 3)
(Bleed only): 303mm x 426mm Full Colour £995
Page 5 276mm x 188mm / (Bleed) 303mm x 216mm Full Colour £795
Inside Back Cover 276mm x 188mm / (Bleed): 303mm x 216mm Full Colour £695
Back Cover 276mm x 188mm / (Bleed): 303mm x 216mm Full Colour £795
2 Editions (10%)
4 Editions (15%)
6 Editions (20%)
PRINT RUN: 5,000 copies. 

DISTRIBUTION: 1200 mailed to agricultural industry and delivered to agricultural outlets (Country stores, livestock markets etc). 3700 located throughout Scotland (including Hebrides, Orkney & Shetland), North England* and N Ireland. The magazine is also “in flight” with HEBRIDEAN AIR SERVICES. (200 magazines in airport lounges and on board all planes to the Western Islands).

“In flight” with AIR CHARTER SERVICES SCOTLAND who operate Business Charter flights all over the SCOTLAND, UK, EUROPE and the WORLD.

Available in Scottish Parliament Reference Library.

RETAIL OUTLETS: Available through RS McCOLLS NEWSAGENTS – MENZIES NEWSAGENTS – INDEPENDENT NEWSAGENTS & PETROL STATIONS – ASDA – MORRISONS & CO-OP – SAINSBURY… with only a couple of TESCOS for the moment. Also, as stated in “Distribution”, the magazine is also available SELECTED COUNTRY STORES & LIVESTOCK MARKETS.

ONLINE DISTRIBUTION: We work with ALL our COLUMNIST ORGANISATIONS to PR each edition with VISUAL LINKS to each Edition as it is published – for their members, associates and clients. We also send magazine links to all MARKETING COMPANIES with published articles within each edition, to share with their own clients. The magazine’s ‘current edition’ and ‘archives’ can be accessed and read in 3D on our website at any time of the day. We also have our own FACEBOOK PAGE which is utilised on a daily basis with the latest breaking news from all over the country. And to promote each edition of course. Online copy of each edtion is sent to The Scottish Government, cross party Rural Committee.

READERSHIP : 12,000 (estimated)
From ongoing research at various events, we know that the magazine has a very long ‘shelf life’ per edition, and is often shared amongst a wide group of people. The lifespan for each edition is expected to be at least 6 months, as our readers collect each edition rather than throwing them away. With this in mind, and taking into account our online activities, we are happy to quote a potential readership of around 12,000 per edition.

Published bi-monthly : Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov.

MATERIALS: (CMYK) PDF files, JPEG, TIFF. Logos and Photos at high res.

FACE BOOK: We publish stories on our Facebook Page on a daily basis:


We are always keen to hear ideas for features, columns and new contents within the magazine, so everyone is very welcome to call me directly on 01738 639747 with whatever ideas, advise or opinions they have.

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